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Who gets the points ?

Posted by: Loek Neve) at 2012-12-24 09:22:32
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The opponent play their final boule, assuming it is the last boule. they have 2 point at the cochonette. But we do have 1 boule. However the oppenent thinks the game is over and picks up the cochonette. We call him and he replaces the cochonette back but on another place. (he does this twice) then we call the referee and he states that the oponent gets 2 points as the cochconette was out of the game. Totally unfair we think. but what is correct ?? We would have said to play over the game ? by the way, we did not trouble to much as we won the game after all. but still.......

Who gets the points ?

Posted by: Dave Smith) at 2012-12-28 03:16:38
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Were your opponents holding shot before they threw their last boule? If so, then you have let them play out of turn, unless you didn't realise you had a boule left until the coche was picked up. I always try to keep a mental note, on how many boules are left to play by both teams.

Before picking up the coche, it is normal for both teams to agree the points and who to. Why did you not say at the time, that you had one boule still to play?

Who gets the points ?

Posted by: Loek Neve) at 2012-12-28 14:20:24
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yes. it was their turn with their final boule (that just gently knocks our away, leaving them for 2 points. so all as by the rules. but then there is 1 final boule in the game, resting in our hands to play. The opponnent however, thinks it was done and picks up the cochonette. After our comment he places in back, but on another place, more difficult for us to get to. We commented and then again he picks up the cochette and places it elsewere, but also not on the place it was. That is when we called the emperor to decide. And he decides the opponent gets 2 points as the cochonette was out of the game ! we think that is strange. We think, or he leaves the cochonette where it is and let us play the final boule, as nothing was marked. or he let us play over this set. but he decided another way. We do not know the rules and cannot find the rules for this.

Who gets the points ?

Posted by: Dave Smith) at 2012-12-31 15:19:25
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Well I'm not sure on the rules for this either. Sounds unfair to me as it was their mistake, although the umpires decision is final, I suppose.

If I had been one of your opponents, I would have let your team replace the cochonnet, so no need to call a referee (unless we were not sure what to do).

Who gets the points ?

Posted by: Loek Neve) at 2013-01-10 12:38:22
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Thanks for replying and giving your options. Well, i guess w'll never know. But what i know is that people do strange things to win a game. And after the gamne they return to normal again :)

Who gets the points ?

Posted by: Raymond AGER) at 2013-01-10 13:09:55
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If you really want an 'official' ruling on this, you can post on the Ask The Umpire Facebook page and get a reply from Mike Pegg, International Umpire.

I think in many cases like this, there are basically two views:
1. What would normal, reasonable, sporting players who respect 'fair-play' do?
2. What is the 'official' letter of the law ruling.

Happy New Year & Happy Petanque

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