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We are pleased to offer a new 'Equipment' forum - if you have any questions about which is the best boule, how to chose the right boule, whether to use hard or soft boules, here's the place to post your questions

sizing with MS Tortue

Posted by: Peter MacF) at 2014-04-10 03:27:20
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Greetings to all....

I read somewhere that the MS Tortue boules feel smaller in your hand than other boules of the same diameter.....and that you should buy a larger size than usual to compensate for this.....any advice on this one?.

Many thanks,


sizing with MS Tortue

Posted by: Raymond Ager) at 2014-04-10 05:57:26
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I've got a couple of sets - I used to be the UK retailer for MS. One is now fairly worn, the other less so.

I've never noticed any difference in feel. However, the 'feel' of a boule is always a matter of personal preference - so best to try before you buy!

Interesting that - because of their appearance - some players think 'you can't shoot' with these boules. Again I find them perfectly ok for shooting and it didn't seem to pose any problem for Claude Weibel, the Belgium champion, when he was using these boules.


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