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Mondial à Pétanque La Marseillaise 1999

1999.07.09 by Mr.Bordsenius

La Marseillaise won with a Fanny!

Mario Marcou, Yazid Triaki et André Laborde
won the 38th edition (?) of the Mondial "La Marseillaise", with a score never seen before at this level : 13-0 !
Fanny, in only 25 minutes !!!
Scores: 3-0, 9-0, 13-0

The poor losers were from the Var department, Gerbino, Cansani et Marmi, who had played very well until the final, but never got into the last match.In the semi-final they had beaten the tournament favorites (?) :
The "prince of pétanque" Marco Foyot, Michel Passo et Jo Farré (13-12).
The other semi-final had opposed the winners to the trio Cantarel, Hernandez et Pecoul, also a very disappointing result: 13-1.

In the young class (Orangina Trophy), the mixed team : Sandrine Bovicelli (13 ), Alain Pignon (12 ) and MichaÎl Scafaria (13 ) were beaten by Michel Enciso (13 ), Florian Sarnelli (14) and Thibault Martinetti (13), with a score of 13 to 5.

This story was contributed to by Philippe Honigman of La Boule Bleue.

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