About Us

Hello and welcome to petanque.org. As you can deduce from our site’s name, we started this project in order to promote Petanque and the sports of the same family, explaining the rules, giving you the trivia, and following the latest news. Somewhere along the way, we became more and more inclusive of other sports.

That is why this became the place to find the latest info not only on Petanque, but also football and the NFL, the Olympic games, soccer, basketball, and many other sports. There is no need to exclude some of the most popular disciplines in the world simply because we want to promote something special.

This is a good time to mention that the site is being run by amateurs and boule enthusiasts. That means that, while we would love to dedicate all of our time and energy to this site, most of us have day jobs, so the posts might not come as frequently as we would like, though we are trying our best to be consistent. With that out of the way, we welcome you to sit back, relax, and read up on all kinds of sports we are going to cover here.