Best NFL Websites for Real Fans

Football is one of the top three popular sports in the US. American Football, as they call it in the rest of the world, has even taken a hold on other regions worldwide. The popularity of the sport, and NFL in particular, has surged to such heights and many people are interested in following it and learning everything that they can about it. Many people are also interested in betting on American football online, and with promo codes such as Betfred promo code, who wouldn’t be?

That is why websites that are aimed at fans can be of great help. Let’s explore some of the best ones today.

NFL Nation

NFL Nation offers a plethora of content that every fan needs to follow their team or the league in general. You can see the latest news, game-day coverage, video highlights of games, and even fantasy football. The schedule, stats and scores go without saying.

They even cover ESPN’s NFL coverage, NFL Live, NFL Countdown, NFL Matchup and NFL draft. It is basically everything that a football fan needs. The mission of NFL nation is to support fans from everywhere around the world and bring them the latest news from the world of football.


The Cover32 is a blog created to follow all 32 teams in the league. Their mission is to bring all the latest news fast and as correctly as possible for the fans to enjoy. You can’t follow your favorite team without following Cover32.

Besides news and coverage, the blog has offers detailed stats on all the teams and players. You can read about player’s profiles, view some stats and rankings and even get an insider’s review about the gear used and places to find jerseys.


FanSided was started by two brothers who are fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. Their idea was to start a place where they could put their own spin on the coverage of their beloved franchise. But it exploded into something much larger over time. Today, it comprises of over 300 communities with the aim of bringing fans together and sharing their passion.

One can view all types of stats and discuss on various topics with other members of the community. The idea is to bring people closer and help them learn and understand what American Football is all about and how great NFL can actually be. 

Rotoworld I NFL

Rotoworld provides everyday coverage during the entire year. On the clock coverage during 24 hours a day with a fantasy spin is an interesting formula that fans have taken a liking to. Rotoworld even continues to work on holidays and weekends. Professional athletes don’t take holidays so why should they? The site aims to bring the most in-depth analysis and coverage that NFL fans need.

The blog offers the latest news, stats, reports, schedules, standings, fantasy games, all coming from ESPN. The site also offers a forum dedicated to fans who want to talk about certain topics with other people. But you can always count on this site bringing you all the current commentary and news from the NFL.