Some of the Worst Franchises in NFL History

We all love winners! Especially the kind of people that would take a moment to read this review of Coral bookmaker before deciding to put money on one of the teams in a match. History usually remembers the team that won and hardly turns back on the runner up. But what about the ones that finished dead last? Does anybody think about them? Hardly…

But in order to shine a lot on those franchises in the NFL who are down on their luck, we decided to talk about the worst franchises in the NFL.

Many teams haven’t gotten to the Super Bowl nor a conference final. But some of them weren’t even close. Whether it was bad draft choices, injuries or something else, it stirred the ship to a place where they didn’t want it to go.

San Diego Chargers

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Currently, the San Diego Chargers are not as bad as they used to be in the 90s. But they were still plagued by a string of bad luck that brought them nowhere.

Their bad times started when they drafted Ryan Leaf, who was even projected to go first overall before Peyton Manning. But Peyton was ultimately drafted by the Colts and we all know how that went on.

Additionally, the Chargers were snubbed by the second Manning brother, Eli. He was drafted first overall by the Chargers but he refused to play for them. They had to trade him to the Giants and in return received a package that included Phillip Rivers.

They did reach the AFC Championship final in 2008 but were eventually snubbed by the Patriots.

Cincinnati Bengals

The story of the Cincinnati Bengals is plagued by bad choices and even worse luck. They had a lot of chances to draft a good player but ultimately came out with busts. The five players that they drafted from the top-six made a combined zero Pro Bowl appearances. Bad scouting was definitely something that affected them but some of those players were never able to adapt to the NFL.

Ultimately, when they managed to reach the playoffs after a 15-year-long stint they were whipped out by the Steelers. Furthermore, Carson Palmer suffered a torn ACL and would never be the same after that injury.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills had a run of four straight Super Bowl appearances from 1990 to 1994. With zero trophies to their name. This probably does not mean that you are a bad team but it certainly means that a team is cursed. After that, things didn’t get much better. The Bills managed to reach the playoffs in 1999 for the last time. And even then they suffered a loss in the first leg losing by a last-second kick return.

They did tease their fans with a few good starts in the past. But they ultimately ended up losing a bunch of games and not making it to the playoffs.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions managed to get a 20 year-long winless streak in the playoffs. Bad management, poor coaching, and some awful draft decisions left the franchise in a slump. The Lions faced a lot of injuries during their span and had a lot of draft busts that were supposed to save their seasons.

Probably the biggest one was drafting Charles Rodgers ahead of Andre Johnson in 2003. Rodgers had some really good numbers in college but in the big leagues, he only managed to catch 36 passes in three seasons. Currently, Jahvid Best and Matt Stafford are dangerously close to calling it quits.