NFL Teams that Need an Emergency Overhaul for Next Season

The ruling NFL season has come to a close. Now comes a time when everybody needs to look at themselves and see what needs to be fixed for the next season. And some teams really do need overtooling. Since the start of the season, ten teams have fired their coaches, the general manager or even both.

Unfortunately, for some, it is going to take a lot more. Certain franchises have deep-rooted problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Hopefully by next year.

Chicago Bears – record: 3-6

Ismail sayeedi [CC BY-SA (] – cropped

The best-case scenario for the Chicago Bears is to fire John Fox. He was able to work his magic with the Panther and Broncos and made both teams playoff contenders. But somehow, his magic did not work in the Windy City.

Under Fox, the Bears have a record of 12-29 and are miles away from getting out of the NFC North Basement. A more offensive-minded coach would be the solution in their case.

Cincinnati Bengals – record: 3-6

The main change needs to happen in regards to the culture of the team. For years now, the Bengals were considered as a joke due to their many players getting in trouble off the field. The likes of Vontaze Burfict, the dirtiest player in the league, and Adam Jones are not your model citizens.

Additionally, the offensive line needs to be overhauled completely. The biggest mistake was hiring Andrew Whitworth in free agency who gave them nothing in return.

Cleveland Browns – record: 0-9

Where to begin when it comes to the Browns? The problems go deep and the franchise has been in a constant flux of rebuilding but not actually going anywhere with it. The way Jimmy Haslam organized everything is to establish a hierarchy where every department head reports directly to the owner. This model has proven to be inept and it simply fueled the disruption between the coaching staff and the organization.

There have been numerous times where the coaching staff publicly blamed the organization for not being able to bring in good talent to the team. And not it seems that coach Hue Jackson is on the chopping block.

Indianapolis Colts – record: 3-7

The Indianapolis Colts have certainly been down on their luck when it comes to their star quarterback. Andrew Luck had problems with his shoulder in the offseason which then turned out to be a problem in the regular season prompting him to miss it all. The franchise needs to find a way to get him healthy and back on the field. Jacoby Brissett did show that he can be a good backup but he is still not your regular starter.

Additionally, a coaching change would also benefit the Colts. Pagano does not really go into the mindset of GM Chris Ballard and the problems go even further when we know that Pagano was hired by Irsay and not the GM.

New York Giants – record: 1-8

Two things need to be changed when it comes to the Giants – the coach and the GM. Ben McAdoo failed to show any progress with the team for two seasons now. The team even managed to regress after they decided to keep him for another go.

Additionally, GM Jerry Reese had 10 picks in the last seven years and failed with each one of them. He should not be making those decisions anymore.