Is Manchester City Going for a Complete Overhaul?

This has been a rocky campaign for Manchester City. But you can’t really blame them as Liverpool has been exceptional this year. Failing to overcome City in the past two seasons, Liverpool is not holding the top of the Premier League steadily with 20+ points ahead.

This year may already be lost for Manchester City and they should start to think about what they need to do for the next one. The upcoming summer reconstruction of the team will be an important one, and it will be challenging for punters using ladbrokes promo code 2020 to predict future games results.

Guardiola’s Future

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The first thing that comes to mind is the question about Guardiola staying at the club. He has never managed more than four seasons in a club before. In his last days with Barcelona, he was tense and quarreled with Messi, arguably Barca’s biggest star.

Although there are no reports of him picking fights with some of his current players, there might be some things that remain in the locker room. A

All in all, Pep has one year left on his contract and the upcoming season just might be his last. If you can’t show that he can turn things around the City might start to look elsewhere for a new coach.

Old Players Departing

One of the problems that City had in recent times is being able to replace the veteran players. Vincent Kompany was a force in the back of the defense and a steady presence in the locker room as a captain. The inclusion of Aymeric Laporte was supposed to steady the backline. Even though he has played well when he played, Laporte was mainly struggling with injuries during his time on the blue side of Manchester.

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Additionally, David Silva is definitely leaving the club at the end of this season, while Sergio Aguero will most likely do so in the next one. These are important players for City and not being able to find suitable substitutes for them will break the team.

The likes of Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva have looked good in midfield, but Gabriel Jesus can’t really say that he is worthy to replace a legend like Aguero is.

New Arrivals

While there are bound to be certain players coming, experts say that Manchester City does not have to add a whole lot to the current team. In fact, two or three players will be enough to help the team.

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Unfortunately, due to FFP laws, they cannot hope to bring a whole bunch of new faces to the team. Luckily, they do have some assets that they can move in order to acquire the money needed for new players. The face that comes to mind leaving City is certainly Leroy Sane, who is worth a lot and may look to go back to playing in Germany.

What Manchester City has to take seriously is their defense. The attack has never been a problem for them, but it only worked when the defense played its part. Since that is not the case this season, they will need to look for some fresh faces in the back. The likes of Benjamin Mendy, Joao Cancelo, and even Kyle Walker have not been doing so well this season. While Zinchenko is playing off his position as a wing defender.

To Conclude

The only way Manchester City can hope to get back to the top is doing one better than Liverpool. The Reds are in the best form of their lives and no matter how much City improves they still have to look towards their closest contenders. Being able to beat them will play a crucial part in the season before us.