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We are pleased to offer a new 'Equipment' forum - if you have any questions about which is the best boule, how to chose the right boule, whether to use hard or soft boules, here's the place to post your questions

Hard boule?

Posted by: Don Nairn) at 2006-06-25 21:25:09
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While it is commonly accepted that soft boule are best for shooters.

Are hard boule best for pointers?

Even the best pointers may end up shooting occasionally.

Are there any advantages to hard boule other that they last longer?

Or should everybody who can afford to use soft boule use soft boule?

Hard boule?

Posted by: Ray Ager) at 2006-06-26 15:04:51
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Well, “soft” boules are usually marketed as “low-bounce, low-rebound”, i.e. they offer an advantage both to pointers and shooters.

Low-bounce, means what it says on the tin :-) and is meant to convey an advantage to pointers when playing on more technical, stony terrains, i.e. the boule will tend to roll truer and will be less deflected by stones, bumps in the terrain, etc, when it lands.

If you have a smoother, i.e. easier, terrain, then soft boules won’t offer much advantage over hard boules when pointing.

Low-rebound is the advantage given to shooters, i.e. when the boule hits another boule and will tend to remain in place, rather than ricocheting off.

Although some say it’s all a cunning ploy by the manufacturers to entice players to buy the more expensive soft boules – which tend to wear out quite quickly – most top players usually play either with soft or semi-soft boules.

Of course, you’re absolutely right in saying that pointers sometimes need to shoot – and conversely, shooters need to point. Remember as well that “it’s the arm, not the boule” that really counts. If you can’t hit a boule, it’s a bit academic what type of boule you’re using…

Again, I’d really like to see some “objective” test to demonstrate how much of advantage one boule offers over another – any ideas?



Hard boule?

Posted by: Pascal Georges) at 2012-08-18 06:22:52
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Hi Ray

dunno if the test is "objective", but Obut has a graph showing the differences (rebounds) between hard to very soft balls
of course, this test is done by the manufacturer, but it can give an idea, can't it?



Hard boule?

Posted by: Pascal Georges) at 2012-08-18 06:24:30
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well, forgot to post the link... sorry

here it is :

Hard boule?

Posted by: Raymond Ager) at 2012-08-18 07:17:13
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True, that does provide one 'objective' measure.

I guess the real test is always going to be how the boules peform on the terrain and what players think of them.

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