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Share your thoughts with the world about the rules, how they are interpreted and how you interpret them.
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I don't like this rule either...

Posted by: Dave Smith) at 2013-02-28 12:56:32
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This is the one where a team (with boules to play) want to measure say, their second or third place boule but are unable to do it, unless they mark and remove an opponents boule first (because it is in the way). The boule is then put back to its original position after measuring.

There have been times when I thought about marking and moving an opponents boule when measuring but it just didn't feel right.

I don't like this rule either...

Posted by: Dave Smith) at 2013-03-04 14:59:14
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I think all the other rules are really good, just in case you thought I was an old moaner :)

I don't like this rule either...

Posted by: jostein setsaas) at 2013-08-07 13:08:52
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I could not more agree. For 98 % of the players, petanque for fun / a social gets together. If the pork (red ball) 12 m. instead of 10 m., who cares. As in all other sports, a part of the game is to judge the distance. I'm not talking about a WC, ( those playing for their "living" and as, firstly, the French! How many of the millions of players will ever participate in a big international tournament?
All sports start, and secondly for fun, but what about the age of a player getting togethers with other friends, a few times every week, an average of 60 years old?
If we held an international tournament, we also follow the rules, but for those coming for fun and exes ice twice a week, who cares?
We have, as WC players tell us, the best court in Asia, but these people come two to three days every year, and if money at stake!
To see how we constructed our court, take a look at:
Play, firstly for fun.
Club Petanque.Th

I don't like this rule either...

Posted by: Colin Stewart) at 2013-08-02 09:37:20
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A good method which doesn't disturb the surface is to use an old shoe lace - wind the lace around the base of the boule and pull both ends gently until it fits around the point where the ground and the boule meet (but dont pull so tight as to move the boule, just enough the create a ring which fits closely around the base of the boule. Lift the boule out carefully and then measure. Replace the boule into the 'ring' of shoelace and then carefully unwind the lace from around the boule. The removed boule should be precisely where you left it and no need to scratch marks into the terrain.

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